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list saved itemsHandsomeDevil160Today at 03:28:05
by ArtformTheHeart 
Ho much do we get on affiliate sales?Mohammed Hanafy184Yesterday at 02:03:21
by RGebbiePhoto 
This Is Unacceptable waterart320428 August 2015 20:54
by yoursparklingshop 
Merge two accountsFrançois Lefrançais18628 August 2015 03:44
by .. 
Information for those with tax withheldruralfrance1891727 August 2015 12:07
by Tanya 
Free Textures For International Zazzlersartsinternational942727 August 2015 04:00
by Linda Tenenbaum 
Questions for Zazzle - US TIN is not required for most Zazzlers. Why is Zazzle insisting that it is
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sunnymars593,47625 August 2015 12:40
by isabelalfarrobinha 
ITIN INFORMATION FROM IRS : FORMAL LETTERartsinternational1062925 August 2015 10:33
by Stevie Lee The Animator 
w8ben - question 10Patricia Caldwell1245924 August 2015 08:42
by waterart 
Tax Update Requirement
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Spice14910,36524 August 2015 08:29
by itsjensworld 
International designers facebook groupruralfrance123617 August 2015 06:38
by poshandpainterly 
Payment Error
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funnylife411,17716 August 2015 00:57
by Lucia_Salemi 
Question for Zazzle - Why was I not emailed about your updated W8-BEN requirements?LouieGee1792315 August 2015 09:05
by poshandpainterly 
W-8BEN - here's what you doValleyMom121,04311 August 2015 05:13
by Finbarr 
British and W8BEN form help???
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mandy_norman307,26106 August 2015 09:22
Do we still have to fill out Line 10 on W-8BEN?funnaturephotography181,44405 August 2015 15:12
by funnaturephotography 
Has any International Zazzler had there new w8ben form accepted as correct yet?funny_tshirt282,57404 August 2015 22:23
by yackers 
Zazzle shop run by a US citizen residing abroad and a Dutch national. What to do with the IRS?RunFreeBernerware131202 August 2015 10:13
by RunFreeBernerware 
ITIN newsruralfrance131,14931 July 2015 01:45
by LisaMarieArt 
Zazzle, how do we know if our W-8BEN is correctly filled out?funnaturephotography270030 July 2015 00:51
by poshandpainterly 
Those of you considering applying for an ITIN or EIN, be aware of identity theft.sunnymars356328 July 2015 15:35
by LouieGee 
Anybody Have Their ITIN yet?Matt531127 July 2015 20:13
by Spice 
I'm from the UK, do I need an ITIN?Stevie Lee The Animator262,04927 July 2015 07:31
by Stevie Lee The Animator 
Question for Zazzle - Foreign TIN
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EveStock361,86423 July 2015 05:12
by funnaturephotography 
Question for Zazzle re. EIN & W8-BENTigerlynx211,00022 July 2015 11:06
by alexiotzovphotograph 
Do you get 10% cut from your cleared earning?Emmil211,31421 July 2015 17:22
by Myshelle 
Question for Zazzle - releasing paymentsruralfrance1869721 July 2015 00:58
by poshandpainterly 
Question for Zazzle- Line 10 W8-BENObscenitee281,17621 July 2015 00:56
by poshandpainterly 
Question for Zazzle re when withholding will begin
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poshandpainterly301,24718 July 2015 11:43
by Juliana RW 
Question for Zazzle- Are International Designers covered by the Taxpayers Bill of Rights?MEERCATDESIGNS1081518 July 2015 09:56
by aapshop 
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